Friday, February 18, 2011

Pantry Re-Organized

I've been bitten...Not by Edward, but by the spring cleaning/organization bug. Remember when I showed you my pantry inspiration from and House of Smiths?

My pantry before

Well, I have been out and about searching for some good deals to remake my pantry. I wanted a country store kind of feel to my pantry. Here is the finished product.
My pantry after

What do you think?

I got these cute baskets with the chalk boards on them at Lowe's on clearance. The large basket was $5.48 and the smaller basket was $3.99. I got two of each. The red baskets also came from Lowe's, on clearance again. $7.99 for a set of three.

I got these fun canisters at Walmart for $4.96 each. They are actually called cracker jars. I like being able to see inside. I plan to get some vinyl lettering to denote, flour, sugar and whey.

I also got some little spice shelves at Walmart on clearance. I think $2.48 each. The see through pasta jars I have had since I got married.  The biggest expense overall, was the shelf liners. At $3.96/roll they added up. I thought lining my shelves would be much easier though than painting my pantry like the design inspiration did. I really did want to reclaim my kitchen at some point...While my pantry is still pretty crowded and full, I can be happy with the controlled chaos.  The first person to mess it up, dies.  They have been warned.  


  1. Looks great! Since listing our condo, we've done some major cleaning/reogranizing. It feels so great!

  2. You go girl!!! Those baskets with chalkboards are genius! I should take a picture of my dumpy looking cubboards. :(

  3. After reading this post I got motivated to clean my pantry as well. I had all the organizing things in there, they were just over flowing and not organized right. So Saturday I spent almost 4 hours doing it and now it looks so much better. Thanks for the motivation!

  4. Looks great!
    I LOVE before and after project posts.
    Now...if someone would just do one for me :)

  5. That is so nice! I have a pantry that need to be organized! I have food storage in there as well and we try to keep it organized but its nothing like your!


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