Monday, February 14, 2011

Pantry Chaos

My dream is to have an organized pantry like that unto a model home, or the kind you would see in the Better Homes and Garden's magazine. Not the chaotic closet I now possess. With the five of us and all the neighbor boys who tend to forage in my pantry, it's no wonder I can't keep it organized.

I found this blog called Honey We're Home and she has totally inspired me and my pantry. 
She got her inspiration for House of Smith's.  I am in blog love... 

She gives a step by step and where she got her cute containers.  She is my inspiration, my organizational muse.  It  helps that she has an IKEA close by...and happened upon some cute finds at a thrift store.  I am on a quest to fix this bad boy, and it can use all the help it can get!

Results to follow soon...


  1. Hey! That pantry above is actually from House of Smith's...Shelley's divine blog. What a great pantry!

    I redid my pantry, but it didn't look that good! I still need to paint.

    Good luck...and don't pay an arm and a leg for organizing containers - check out Dollar Tree and Big Lots because they have some NICE ones that are inexpensive.

    :) Happy organizing...

  2. Nice! I wish I had room for a pantry.

  3. OK...I'm officially inspired...! Now that the weather is starting to thaw things out, I'm beginning to have a touch of spring fever...

    How've you been?

  4. I just want room to have a pantry. Sigh.

  5. Good luck! My Pantry is huge and every month or so I organize it and it looks great ... but my pantry is also like my hair. When I first get it cut and styled it looks fantastic for a few days without my having to do anything. After that I have to work daily to maintain a good look. It is a daily deal to have to keep my pantry looking good, too.

  6. My pantry is a coat closet that I have converted into a pantry. Sometimes you just have to make do when you live on post. =)

  7. I would just love to have a pantry!!

  8. oh gosh. I want to follow you on this journey. Or join you is what I mean.
    (our pantries are remarkably similar.) :)


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