Friday, February 11, 2011

TJ the Military Man

This child shall here to after be referred to as Military Man. TJ has joined the Air Force! What child doesn't look forward to the day where he can leave his mama's home and enter the pits of hell with a drill instructor to be your mommy and daddy for eight weeks? Seriously, he is so excited to leave on March 8th. I'd like to be excited for him, but really I'm not. Because...

#1. It means I am getting old, and who wants to do that?
#2. I have to cut those apron strings because the government now owns him for six years. And...
#3. From a practical stand point, I'm losing a tax deduction.
#4. All kidding aside, I'm just plain gunna miss him!

In order to help focus on the positive I have compiled a list of reasons it is good he is leaving.

#1. No more fighting over the extra car with his brother
#2. I can drop him from my car insurance saving about $1,000/year
#3. My grocery bill goes down quite significantly
#4. My water bill goes down, seriously, teenage boys take freaking LONG showers!

All these savings, will help offset the price to travel and visit him in his various locations across the world, yet to be determined. And that's a fact!

PS.  The crazy eyed picture is my revenge for flying the coop.

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  1. This post is so poignant for me. I don't know if I should congratulate you or commiserate with you. Or both. But I am glad that you can see the bright side of his choice.

    You'll save a $1,000 a year on insurance? Seriously?! I had no idea teenage boys were so expensive.


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