Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter Writing

I have been finding that the act of lettering writing is becoming a lost art.  It really isn't often anymore that we write a handwritten note, address an envelope and seal it with a kiss.  This old custom has been replaced by phone calls, emails and texting.  The excitement of going to the mailbox has now been replaced with the dread of bills and junk mail.

DaySpring recently sent me the most beautifully crafted set of cards to use and send to those I love in exchange, of course, for my review.  I received cards from their Redeemed line.  The cards are exquisite and have extra little touches that almost make them look handcrafted.  The sentiments inside are just heartwarming and offer an inspirational message or scripture.  My grandmother lives in an assisted living facility over 15 hours away.  I miss her so much!  Regretfully, due to the distance I am only able to visit her about once a year.  Calling her sometimes is difficult because she either doesn't hear the phone or she isn't in her room.  These cards are the perfect touch  for a letter to my sweet grandmother.  Hopefully when she opens my letter inside of one of these cards, she will know of my love for her and our Savior's love for her, too.

As I try to reach out and uplift others, 
I am going to try to resurrect that long lost art of letter writing.  
Will you join me in my quest?

I did receive this product from DaySpring in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I need to write more letters, too. I agree that it is a lost art.

  2. Awesome!!! I know she will be so happy to hear from you!

    And yes, sadly, it is a lost art form. I think people honestly don't get it. I send out cards regularly....and get an email thank you. SO frustrating. You know that happy feeling you got when you received something in the mail? Yeah, I like that feeling too!!!!

  3. Oh yes. Few write letters any more yet, they are such special treasures. It's faster to DM or email, but then it just gets lost in life. There's nothing like going to your mailbox and finding out that someone took the energy to buy the card, write it, find your address and stamp.

  4. Thank you for your review and for linking up! I hope your grandmother enjoyed her card. :)

    Kaitlyn at (in)courage


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