Monday, September 10, 2012

Not of the World

How do we live in this chaotic world but not become?  How do I stay true to Him in all I do and say while living in this increasingly immoral world.  Worldly influence is all around is in the advertising, tv, movies, books, school and work.

Teaching a group of girls ages 12-18 recently taught me how difficult it is to be a follower of Christ during these a Holier life.  We can be an influence for good in how we act, talk, dress and serve...Basically in all we do...while still protecting our very soul.

  1. Pray to the Father daily
  2. Read his good Word 
  3. Become convicted with a strong testimony of Christ
  4. Stand in Holy Place
  5. Let our light shine that others may see Christ through our words and actions
  6. Never give up!

As I taught the girls these key points to protect themselves, I reiterated that they are not alone.  Of course, we always have our Savior, Jesus Christ, He won't leave us.  But, we are not standing alone even though sometimes it feels that way.  There are many of us with similar values, hopes and dreams that are searching and looking for each other.  As we find each other, set our petty differences aside and stand together, we can be mighty unto God.  


  1. I really like how you mention that there are others out there who have similar values, dreams, etc.- kids just need to find them! I was really blessed in high school to find a group of friends who were Christians and shared the same values as myself. I can only imagine how difficult and more challenging it is to be a teenage girl these days. Love your list of reminders on living a holier life! I'm a little fearful of what life will be like when Noelle reaches that stage. I'm treasuring every little moment now.

  2. I think adults would benefit from the very same lesson! We don't stop feeling alone just because we grew up! :)


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