Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep Calm, Breathe On

Lately I have found it hard to breath.  My lungs spasm and I expel that life sustaining hair.  Coughing I gasp for breath only to not be able to breath deeply into my lungs.  This is scary to me.  I am on medication and have been assured that it takes two to three weeks to really work in my system.  In the meantime, I just try to stay calm and breathe, but sometimes cough and sputter takes over.  I'm sure my family would love to sleep through the night. Be assured, I would love to sleep through the night, too.  I wake up coughing and clawing at my throat...That certainly doesn't make for a good nights sleep.  My new mantra is "Keep Calm and Breathe On".  Clever right?

I can't help but draw parallels with God.  The comfort, love and Spirit of God is that life sustaining breath.  We can't accomplish what we have to do in this life without His constant comfort and guidance.  Yet, often the natural man in us takes over, we cough and sputter and push Him out, forget His role and figure we can do it ourselves and we can, but it is, oh, so much harder.  When we let our Spiritual minds take over we realize that when we breath in and let our souls accept that loving comfort and guidance from our Savior, the loving grace is something we don't want to live without.  He makes things just a little bit easier, he helps to carry our burdens.  I will not simply sit on my burden, filing my nails while the Savior pushes me along, but I will yoke myself with Him and work with Him, alongside Him.  He is my brother.  I will "Keep Calm and Breathe On."

I may still be literally gasping for breath, but I will fill my soul with His life sustaining love and guidance, and in this case the comfort He has to offer me.  If this seems a stretch of the mind, it probably is...Just chalk it up to lack of oxygen.


  1. Great analogy. I'm sorry your sick. I've had bronchitis twice and I could happily go the rest of my life without ever experiencing that wretched illness again.

  2. Sorry, you're having troubles, but what a great comparison. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "...yoke myself with him and work with him, alongside him."

    Hmm... yes, yes.

  4. Blessings on you and way to use a physical situation to learn from him! And it is a great motto.


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