Monday, April 30, 2012


I know you've been here, it's true!  I see my counter going up daily.  Sometimes I have 40 views, sometimes 80 sometimes more.  But by the comments, you'd think almost no one came by.  I enjoy a follower's input, reading their footprint and advice.  And, if your e-mail is hooked up to your profile, I usually try to say something back.  You know, just so you know how much I appreciate you.

Does anyone else think that comments are addictive?  I find my self checking several times a day to see if anyone has posted a comment on my blog.  If you aren't a usual commentor, you really should consider it.  I try to comment on every post I read.  I want people to know I had been there and appreciated their writing.

I write for me, but it's nice to know I'm appreciated.  It's not validation per se, but motivation to keep on doing what I am doing.  If you stop by, please leave a little note, so I can thank you for coming and check out your blog, too...


  1. I love comments, too. I'm pretty sure everyone does :)

  2. I agree! Comments and interaction are addictive. I think blogging has lost a little sheen. People aren't blogging as much (me), and people definitely aren't commenting as much.

  3. Facebook has killed blogging. I used to get comments all the time. Now I get "likes" on my facebook page when I post the link to my latest blog post. It's sad to see blogging die.

  4. I always comment when I stop by. I wonder who is blog stalking you? :)

  5. I think one of my "love languages" must be words of affirmation because I sure love them on my blog as well. :)


Always happy to hear from you! Comments make my day, just please keep them uplifting and positive. Thanks for stopping by!

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