Monday, April 9, 2012

My Epitaph

I follow a writing blog with exercises on increasing your writing ability.  It offers challenges and writing prompts,  and although I never participate by linking up my writing this assignment caught my attention.  A few months ago the assignment was to write your epitaph.  I had to look that up!  Crazy, I guess, but I did not know what an epitaph was.  After looking it up, this is what I came up with, but really how morbid, right?  And since today is my birthday, shhh don't tell anyone that I am now 43, it felt fitting to share today.  Cuz, yeah, I'm old.  ;)  

Etched in his heart
A chasm...A canyon
Because the loving was so deep
Darkness plagues his soul
He wrestles with the night
and my name...
an echo on the wind

But really, you could just play this song at my funeral, and I'll be smiling from heaven.  


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! That epitaph really is quite beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that song! Hope you have a great day!!

  3. I think your poem is pretty.

    I don't like funerals. I don't want an epitaph. What in a few words could sum up the complicatedness that is a human being and his/her life? Sadly, it also seems that the significance of our lives leaves after our dying. Even the most powerful on Earth are but a brief note in a history book. It's such a dramatic juxtaposition: the helpfulness of life and the uselessness of death. It's something I ponder from time to time, since both the living and the dying are realities for us, one which we live in and one which is inevitable.


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