Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend

In honor of my birthday, KT wanted to take me out of town.  He had this planned before we knew we were even taking a trip to see Military Man in Salt Lake.  I knew it was important to him to do this for me, and let's face it, it was fetchin' sweet, so we did go out of town two week ends in a row.  Very indulgent, like we NEVER do this...We have been married for almost 23 years, and I can count on one hand the number of weekends away we have had.

This is where we stayed...

It was a lovely place and so peaceful..

While we were there it was warm and 60's at home, but it snowed and was chilly in the mountains.  It was a perfect opportunity for photography, reading and sleeping....And we still made it home in time for Easter Services.

This is a very frozen Payette Lake.  

This is KT standing on said frozen lake.  
A lake we have boated on and tubed on in the summer.  
Stark contrast, wouldn't you say?  

Here is the Brundage Ski resort, we checked out.  But, I don't ski, and it WAS "MY" weekend...

This was so sweet and relaxing, and truth be told, it was the first birthday in sixteen years that I haven't spent at either a softball field or baseball field.  And that's a fact!

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  1. Happy Birthday! It is so nice to be in a phase of life where you and your husband can enjoy just each other again. :)


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