Monday, April 23, 2012

A Reacquaintance

My running shoes and I became reacquainted yesterday.  It has been a long hard two months.  You see, my running partner got very sick and then I succumbed shortly thereafter.  When you are just trying to Keep Calm, Breathe On, a good run or jog is almost impossible.  Sometimes just making sure your next breath stays in your lungs is all the workout that can be handled.  Seven medications later, my lungs are clear and I was ready to roll

It was a difficult run, I'm not gunna lie, I squeaked out 2.5 miles at a very slow pace, but I did it!  I had wanted to run a 10K in May, considering I have to rebuild my stamina I'll shoot for the 5K.  Baby steps, you know...Hopefully, I can continue to Protect my House.

As for the bad hair day?  Hey, I had just been to the gym!

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  1. Inspiring. I think my running shoes and I should get reacquainted again too! Thanks for the nudging. Blessings for the week ahead.


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