Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Showers

You know the old saying, April Showers....yeah, you can finish that one...I've literally been drenched today in those April showers.  It's like the heavy, dark weeping clouds just opened up and let us have it.  I am cold, damp and chilled.  But, I am trying to look for God's beauty in this damp soggy Earth.  I know what April Showers bring....Come on May...


  1. between the snow we had on saturday and the 80 degrees we had yesterday, I think April may have had an identity crisis. Glad THAT'S over!

  2. The grass sure needs the rain. In a few months we will be wishing for just one rainy day! I'm not so much a fan of getting my hair wet when I walk out to the car though. :P

  3. We don't get the showers. We just get the dark threatening clouds. I'm loving the mostly warm weather though. Come on summer!


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