Friday, May 27, 2011

A Sitting Down Moment

Sometimes it is hard to find just the right words. But in spite of writers block, I persevere to find the words that express the exactness of my intent. It is when I delve into the depths of my emotion that I feel the true inspiration, and it is then that it hits me. One more Grad down, one to go.

As I sit here in the solitude of my room in a quiet moment to myself, I hear the clock tick. It's minute, infinitesimal movements slowly mark the passage of time. It ticks away the seconds, minutes, days, months and years. Where have they all gone?

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a piece called "Bottles, Bibs and Diplomas". In this blog post,  I expressed the sadness I had over the loss of Air Force Man's childhood. I thought that perhaps with each child and the passing of time it would get easier. I want to say that I was wrong. It does not get easier, NO, not easier. My emotions bubble close to the surface as I contemplate the future: graduation, college, a church mission, marriage. The mere bubbling of emotions for me is a difficult feat so you KNOW this has got to be tough.  Scratching away at the surface, I am wearing away thinner and thinner.  Miguel is moving further and further from being my baby and closer and closer to the independent man that I hope I have prepared him to be.  I am proud of him.

As graduation this weekend grows, and the company comes to visit, and the barbeques are had, this last final moment of his childhood may slip away in the mass of events without notice.  Like the blink of an eye.  I blinked again...     

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