Monday, May 16, 2011

Letters to Ladybug #5

Alrighty then, I've been home nearly a week, and dear ladybug already has the scoop on what happened last Sunday. But, you my dear blogging friends have not yet seen the last of my trip to San Antonio whilst I visited with my Military Man, TJ. So here is Mother's Day in a brief synopsis.

We went downtown again to the River Walk. We enjoyed a boat ride on a barge, ate Mexican food on the water, and walked to the sky tower for a look out over the city. Amazing view, by the way. Please enjoy my picture slide show below. The best was spending time with KT, TJ, Miguel and J-Thurbs.


  1. wow, that is a beautiful area! I loved the boat canals, very romantic. Thanx for sharing it with us and thank you also for your great comments on my blog!

  2. We were just there. What a small small world. It's lovely, isn't it?


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