Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am not a child

I think my husband thinks of me as a child. Could be because I am seven inches shorter? Do I resemble a child? I really don't know.

The other day whilst perusing Wally World, You know the place, he was looking at boring old electronic components, switches and cables. I meandered my way over to the $5.00 movie bin. I am a collector you know. Can't get enough of movies. Anyways, I regress. My dear husband comes and finds me and proceeds to give me a bit of a tongue lashing in said public place. How dare I walk off? Really?

Let me repeat: I AM NOT A CHILD! Would you like me to hold onto the basket so I don't get lost? Just sayin'


  1. I think someone needs a Hoff cake!

  2. Really? Electronics are always so boring. I always wander off when my husband does that! I think he just expects that I will.

  3. My husband is the one who likes to wander. He'll text me and say Where are you? We find each other and then move on with your day. =)


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