Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letters to Ladybug #1

What's up chiquita banana? Whew! What a day, 4 states in five hours! Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Texas...We made it safe and sound to San Antonio and are excited to see your big brother, TJ, in the morning. He made Honor Grad! That means that he is ranked #4 out of over 400 recruits. That's pretty good if I do say so myself. Here are some pictures of your tired parents at the Hard Rock Cafe and a picture of the River Walk for good measure.

We miss you and love you!

PS:  Congratulations on winning your softball game and batting around three times.  Dad will bring Pizza to the next game.  Sorry we missed it.  YOU ROCK, sistah!


  1. We are going to San Antonio this weekend. Maybe we'll get to see the river walk! Congrats to your son. That is excellent placement!

  2. That is an insane amount of driving Lisa! Take lots of pictures of TJ's Graduation for me. =)

  3. River Walk! I miss it. Glad you get to see it. : )


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