Monday, March 28, 2011

The Mechanics of Cars

 I HATE mechanics. Nothing personal, really, but they've just never rubbed me the right way. Ya know? First of all, the thought of a car breaking down sends me into fits of panic.  Recently, those thoughts haven't plagued me quite too badly, (thank you Celexa).  But, the fact remains....A true and utter dislike.  Seriously!  Does anyone ever actually like to take their car into get fixed?  Come on be honest...I have had several experiences that solidified my conclusion.

First Happened here
And then here

So, to try to rectify my issues, I purchase extended warranties.  I have a testimony of warranties you see.  No more shocking, through the roof, quotes.  No more delving into my precious savings for a car on its way down.

I hate mechanics.  
Funny thing is, 
the smell of auto grease
on KT's hands
is a real turn on. 
Go figure.


  1. I take my car for oil changes and for new tires. That's about it. I've yet to meet a warranty worth the price I paid for it. They all suck in my opinion. But I'm sincerely happy that they work for you. Honest.

  2. I just hate it when the car breaks down. :P


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