Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Mail and a Phone Call

On Saturday I received some GOOD mail.  I received a letter from my church letting me know that while at boot camp, TJ, the Military Man, has attended services.  They said he is an asset and they are pleased to have him.  The letter continued with saying that the Church is proud of its Young men and Young Women and their courage and patriotism in serving our country.  Proud Mama here!  Call me dense or blonde or what have you, but I never knew there was a Military Division to my church.  I am so pleased he is not to be forgotten.

Then, Sunday night, KT's cell phone started ringing and Ladybug screamed "It's TJ, It's TJ!".  We put him on speaker phone and enjoyed 25 minutes with our son, who despite feeling homesick, has excelled and been made a unit leader.  He mentioned being ugly bald, but says he rocks the camo.  We love you TJ!


  1. I'm so happy for you! I never knew there was a Military Relations Division either. Very cool.

  2. This rocks and is also why I love the LDS church.

    You are such a sweet mama.

  3. That's great news. By the way I'm in a Military Ward. Which if you ask me it's the best ward in the whole entire church. =)

  4. He rocks the camo made me smile. And you can tell him that bald is beautiful.

  5. What a wonderful think to get in the mail! I can only imagine how happy that made you.


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