Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Remodel Revealed

What have I been doing over Spring Break you ask? Why, sitting around eating bon bons and watching HGTV while strange men parade in and out of my house putting in new counters and tiling. That's all. When did becoming a lazy butt become so tiring? Seriously, watching them do all that work was exhausting.

So, drum roll please....
Here is my before kitchen. 

And now the after!

Before Master Bath


People keep asking us if we are going to move. Why is it if you do home improvements you must be thinking of moving? I'll admit, it is a good idea to stay competitive in this crazy housing market, but the remodel was for me to enjoy. NOT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. I repeat. WE ARE NOT MOVING!


  1. Beautiful! Did you put in granite? It is amazing how changing one thing, adding some new paint just transforms your home and helps you to fall in love with it all over again!

    I'm with you - I've done all this work in our house and it is FOR ME to enjoy...not someone else!

    Love ya,

  2. Me likey! We redid our bathroom and kitchen too. It should all be finished this weekend. Except we ARE going to relist our place when the market picks up a bit. We took it off after 11 weeks, and zero interest, so I'm hoping this helps!

  3. Pretty! Is is granite? Solid Surface? Corian?

  4. I think that is wonderful and it looks beautiful!

  5. i LOVE the tile in the kitchen. and the new counter tops. (bathroom too) I am envious of the counter space you have! (and the time to remodel.)

    Nice job. :)


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