Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Miguel!

7 lbs 8 oz
Sixteen years ago you graced us with your entrance into this world. You were my only normal pregnancy and deliver, though I was rushed to the hospital the day you were born with extensive bleeding and partial placenta previa. I really have no idea how serious or scary this was or could have been...I was young and ignorant, and only knew I was going to have a baby. Your dad watched the Bulls in a playoff game while I was in and out of "mental" conciousness. I chose to zone out than be an active, willing participant. After just a few short hours I held your little body in my arms. My second boy!
You were such an easy relaxed baby most of the time, though you hated the car. As you grew older, you became more active, like most boys. Even at sixteen you are so busy you make my head spin. What I would give for a tenth of your energy. You have such a fun and lighthearted personality. You are always smiling and are the KING of one liners. I love that you are so committed to the Gospel and have such a strong testimony, if only your mom could be as strong. You are truly a blessing to our lives! WE LOVE YOU!!


  1. Happy birthday to your young man!

  2. Wow. He grew up! It's kind of neat, not knowing him, to see the baby pictures and then the almost all grown up picture! Wow! Happy Birthday!

  3. What a cutie! Even in his newborn picture, you can see it is Miguel!

    What are you going to do now that he can start dating? :D

  4. It all goes by too fast. My son just graduated kindergarten and I'm having heart palpitations about him growing up too fast. Geez who gives these kids permission to grow up anyway?!!

    Happy Birthday Miguel!!!

  5. He's a handsome guy--He has your sparkly eyes! :)

  6. He is a super cute kid! Good job.


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