Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been Crazy Busy!

I haven't been blogging my usual amount. I feel out of touch with the blogging world. Life has been crazy busy. The end of the school year, softball tournaments, baby showers, conducting school registration, preparing for a trip later in the month, my parents impending move...Need I say more?
I would like to congratulate Ladybug on an incredible softball season. Her team played eight games in five days. They went all the way to the finals and had to beat the undefeated team twice. They beat them the first game, but lost to them the second game. (It was their third game of the day, so they were pretty tired). They finished second in the Treasure Valley and got a nice medal. From Mountain Home, to Horseshoe Bend, to Kuna, to Nampa from Boise to Meridian.

#2 Rocks!
From there I threw a baby shower for my dear sister-in-law.
We are excited for baby Zoe's arrival!
So, If you are wondering where I be...
know that life has just taken over.
Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and life experiences from 2busy...


  1. I have missed your posts!

    I love the way you decorated for the looks so fresh and happy! It looks like it was taken straight from the Potterybarn catalog.

    Congrats to Ladybug!

  2. I am right there with ya!--Life has taken over for me as well...
    I am a multi-tasker, but I feel like things have been spinning a little out of control for me lately.

    Hopefully, you have some relaxing, lemonade sipping, non-trampoline jumping summer days ahead of you... :)

  3. Congrats to your little slugger! I can't even imagine playing three games in one day!

    Your baby shower looks fab! I'm throwing a shower for my cousin. Any advice for me? Did you play any fun games?

  4. That's a nice thing about blogging. It isn't exactly going anywhere. So you can live your life and come back to it when you get the chance. Good luck with everything!


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