Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog Tour

I have been following Sherrie Shepherd on her blog for a while now. She is witty, funny and just an enjoyable person to get to know. She also has incredible talent, aside from being absolutely gorgeous. She asked me to write a little review here of her newest creation. Sherrie is an Amazing musician and is on a Blog Tour, and I am the next stop on her tour. She has written some original pieces and rewritten some familiar songs for the piano. Her CD, Solitude, was just released last month and I had to get it! She plays beautifully. Her music is calming, inspirational and uplifting. It's just the right kind of music to put in when you want to relax after a stressful day and the perfect arrangement to listen to on Sunday. You should go to her website and check it out. She takes paypal, it's all very secure, and her price is SO reasonable. Listen to the music on her sidebar and preview it first.
Thanks for sharing your talent, Sherrie!


  1. Thank you! I've been out of the blog loop with no computer, but I'm borrowing one to come over and say THANKS!!

  2. You are so thoughtful to do a post on Sherrie. I will have to go check out her music.


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