Friday, June 12, 2009

The Horror!

Imagine my horror as a mother when I find these pics on my camera. I nearly had a heart attack! I guess I am a bit of a sissy. Do they forget the error of their mother's way? I broke my ankle 9 years ago on the tramp. Don't you wish kids could learn from your own mistakes? It would save them a LOT of trouble...

At least I had it off in time for our planned trip to Disneyland. Try walking around Disneyland with an air cast, though. I paid and paid and paid for that fun time on the tramp.


  1. This would be troubling!--
    Trampolines are right up there with herky jerky roller coasters and merry go rounds for me...I used to be able to handle them but I get so dizzy now...

    I can't imagine doing Disney with an air cast... :(

  2. I remember when you got hurt on the trampoline.

    My kids have taken pics with the camera too. The most bizarre was when Brookie took pics of her rump.....she told me she wanted to "see what it looked like" and that "it is cute!" :D

  3. My kids do quite a few tricks on the tramp. But we haven't had any accidents yet and my husband had nothing but great experiences with the trampoline growing up.

    I must say you are quite a trooper to have gone to DisneyLand with ANY sort of a cast. Wow! I don't think I'm tough enough to do that!


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