Monday, June 22, 2009

15 Little known facts...

Here are some little known facts about me...interesting, boring, embarrassing...
1. I've lost two babies
2. I was in a singing group for a few years till I quit to go to work
3. I am related to the former Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska
4. I once performed in a ballet recital and had my costume break and my top came down on stage. It really wasn't supposed to be x-rated.
5. I tried out for Grease and didn't make it.
6. I don't need a chiropractor because I can pop my own back.
7. I homeschooled my kids for two years. Yeah that was enough.
8. I love the smell of new books. Sniffing them is like a drug to me.
9. I was followed by a shark in the waters of Hawaii
10. I am a closet sports fan.
11. I wanted to be a court stenographer but my parents said no. (they were paying).
12. I am addicted to decluttering and donating crap.
13. I hate garage sales, that's why I donate crap.
14. I am a stress monster.
15. I have social anxieties. Isn't it easier just to stay home?


  1. I can pop my back,but only if I'm laying on my right side.

    I had no idea you were so musical!

  2. Sniffing books, definitely a treat! There is nothing like getting a new book.

  3. hey there! Have you already been to Utah to drop off your boy for EFY? Did I miss you? Our race was this past weekend (see my blog) and I'm still totally tired but it was a blast! How are you? Call me sometime 801-787-6277

  4. Yikes! You were followed by a shark? How did you find out? That is like my worst nightmare ever!

    I liked your list very informative/entertaining.

    How was your vacation?

  5. I love sniffing books too. There is something very addicting about the way they smell. I'm so glad I'm not alone is my weirdness anymore!!

  6. Yeah, new book smell is awesome! New scentsy scent? It will be all the rage.

    You tried out for the actual Grease movie?

  7. How old were you when the "cosume mishap" happened?

    I get a rush sniffing new books as well!

    I am TOTALLY addicted to throwing out and decluttering! It's one of my favorite things to do!!


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