Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just released and Incredible!

Just released today is David Cook's debut album after American Idol. Now I lean toward country music, but I find him and his style irresistible. Kevin kind of likes him, too. I had to head out to Walmart after work today and pick this up for $9.88. Also released today: Loved these books! I think it appeals to me because I don't have any sisters, although these girls aren't sisters in the biological sense. It reminds me of my relationship with my girlfriends in High School. I miss those girls! I happened upon a great deal while Christmas shopping. Both movies and the 1st book for $21.76. Now that is a great deal when the 2nd movie by itself was selling for $19.99. Okay, I know, I am a little too excited about my bargains today. Sometimes while Christmas shopping it is fun to throw things in for yourself. I told Kevin he could wrap both items up for me...He just looked and me and rolled his eyes.


  1. I went to Walmart yesterday to get some stuff and left without David's cd. Dang....I will get it soon! I absolutely LOVE him and want him in my stocking for Christmas!

  2. I watched the 2nd movie yesterday and I really enjoyed it. A good chick flick.


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