Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Lunch Bunch

TJ and a group of his friends have been making the rounds and going to each others homes for lunch on the weekdays. Some of the mom's have really been awesome and doing a big to do for them. Since I usually am at work when they come to my house, they scour the fridge for left overs or make sandwiches. I'm off of work this week and TJ asked if I would do something for lunch for his group of friends. I said "sure" and asked what some of the other moms had been doing. "Let's see," TJ said, "I've had carne asada, homemade sub sandwiches, little smokie hors d'oevers cooked in all it's different forms..." Ladybug promptly looked at me and said, "Oh mom, you can't compete." What confidence my children have in me! The gauntlet was thrown down, the challenge was made. I made up my mind then and there that I was going to do something special. Something other than PBJ or bologna and cheese. So here is what I did, I made tacos, beans, cowboy dip, homemade salsa with chips and chocolate chip cookies. A table cloth was placed on the table, everything was set, and some "mood" music was playing in the background. Thanks to dishnetwork and their Mexican CD channel, I think we kind of sounded like the On the Border restaurant. TJ had told me to expect 5 guys. As they all crowded into my small kitchen I thought the numbers didn't add up. As I counted I kept coming up with 10? (Well, that did include Nicole and myself). TJ said, "Well, it just kept growing, and there were people we wanted to invite and didn't 'cause there were too many." My huge spread of a lunch suddenly became meager offerings for this group of hungry young men. Here are some pics from the "Lunch Bunch"...
I would post pictures of the lunch bunch here if I could get them off of my SD card. Something is fishy and it wasn't lunch

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