Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've got mine. Do you have yours?

I bought my ticket to Twilight last Saturday. While it isn't the first showing (which is midnight), it is still the first day. It is a "Girls Afternoon Out". I'm even getting Ladybug out of school a few minutes early (gasp!). Despite holding the ticket, I was assured at the box office, that there would still be quite the line. At least I have a seat, just have to make sure it is next to my daughter...


  1. I will take my kids when things settle down, but none of us have read the books. I think we are in the 5 percentile of those who haven't read them! They don't even sound good to me, but maybe I'll like the movie!

  2. I got my ticket last night for Saturday night. Drat those ill timed scout campouts! My husband didn't want me to see it without him so I have to wait. Sigh!

  3. Oh, not fair!!!! We will be in Utah at my neice's reception! I think I am going to read book 1 again on the trip down to Provo!


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