Monday, November 17, 2008

Basketball Try-Outs

My #2 son, Miguell is trying out for basketball. He loves the game, is quick on the court and has some skills, too. Biggest problem for this child is that he is vertically challenged! He has the short man disease. I'll take the blame at 5'3" myself. At a mere 5'2", he is toward over on the court by lesser players. He has been attending faithfully, open gym, conditioning and now try outs. In fact, he missed his own grandmother's memorial service because when we asked the coach, he said, "well, it is really important that he be here." Life goes one, and he went to try outs. Tonight we should find out if he made the team or not. I think this mom will be on a war path if he doesn't make the team after the sacrifice he made this weekend! GO GRIZ!


  1. Sorry about your grandmother, she sounds like an exceptional lady! I wish I could come up to Idaho and see Twilight with you! Doesn't that sound fun, just like old times having a girls night out. Do you know where your orange rVW Rabbit is these days? Ha Ha

  2. Did he make it? Did he make it?


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