Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating with Simplicity

As I pulled out boxes of Christmas decorations,
I was overwhelmed with the memories of it all.
I was overwhelmed with the amount of it all!
With my 2012 motto being Simplify, 
I decided to simplify my decorating.
Decor totally enhances and helps to immerse
in the spirit of the season.
But, I think the simplicity brings the focus
back to Him

My tree is very simple this year:  
white lights, red balls and snowman ornaments

I have used not even half of what I have.  
Less feels better.  It feels lighter and less burdensome.

My mantel is simple, not ornate.  
My three stockings for my three babies
A snowman (because I have a fetish
And a cute printable you can get here.


  1. your mantel looks beautiful!
    oh and I agree...simple is better!!! in almost everything!

  2. Beautiful! Sometimes it's freeing to leave a few things in the box. I try every year to not allow it to get overwhelming... but my entertainment center top is crazy this year. :)

    BTW - thanks for the thoughtful comments on my blog. I love to read them!! I gave you the blog award "Liebster" - go and visit me to see what it's all about!! :)

  3. I'm all about minimalism. It helps when you have to move every two years or so.

  4. It all looks lovely. We have been in the middle of a kitchen renovation nightmare, so our decorations aren't even up yet. Just a little pointsettia and some Christmas cards. I was heartbroken about it at first, but, actually, the simplicity of it has been kind of nice!


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