Monday, December 17, 2012

Dealing with the Guilt

Part of my simplification was cutting out Christmas cards.  It takes time and thought to write a letter, sign address all the envelopes and the money to mail all the cards.  I've done it probably every year since I've been married...except for this one...And let's face it, sometimes people just don't get my sense of humor.  But, now I am feeling guilty!  It's true!  As the cards are beginning to come in, and I enjoy the updates and pictures from family and friends, I feel bad that I'm not sending to them, as well. Sooooo, to assuage my guilt I bought some lovely cards on clearance from dayspring.  The cards may be late, but they are coming.  At least I can feel like I'm simplifying because I caught them on a really good sale.


  1. I like sending out Christmas cards to family and friends as well. It's a yearly thing for us; and like you, I will feel guilty too if I stop sending them Christmas cards via snail mail. I rarely (very rarely) get any card from those ungrateful b's, but wth. Haha

    Found your site on Bloggy Moms! :-)

  2. I have the same guilt! We started doing a family Cmas letter, and put pictures in there and then email it... we need to upgrade our printer to send out hard copies!

  3. I send cards every year but nothing fancy. And they are usually the funny ones.

  4. Oh your so good. I haven't sent card in years. I usually send a mass email to my friends but I haven't even done that this year. I'm afraid I'm on the naughty list.

  5. As a card maker, I can't imagine not sending out Christmas cards! And it's sort of, you know, 'expected'. Last year I SWORE I wouldn't be a frantic mess come November (when I have to get serious about sending them out to arrive in time). And I started off well, making this year's cards starting in January. All went well....for a few months. Yeah, a frantic mess yet again this year!!!!

    But next year will be different!!!

  6. I am planning to send New Year's cards. I have done that for the last couple of years (because I was feeling too guilty about not sending Christmas cards for the last several years!)


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