Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thirty-two Steps...Continued...

Thirty-two steps back to the house... Opening the door, I feel the warmth of the heater.  But, I feel a different warmth, too.  A warmth that permeates through my heart and soul.  My Father touching my spirit and telling me, "Have faith, child, for I am with you..."  I truly felt him there with me.  My greatest fear has been Miguel leaving the country.  There is so much unrest and hatred, that the thought of leaving the country causes great anxiety for me.  I realized recently that fear and faith cannot coexist.  So, I turned it over to the Lord.  He was telling me that day a needed message, "I know you, I know your fears, it will be okay..."  His love brought tears to my eyes.  

I set that letter proudly on the mantle.  I am so pleased with this man boy of mine who has chosen to live his life in the gospel and in the service of God.  We had 21 friends and family gather together plus Military Man on the phone from New Mexico.  As Miguel opened his letter, we all hushed......

Good luck Atlanta, Georgia!  
Here comes Miguel, AKA The Beiber Kid

By the way, WHO DID THIS?

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  1. Awesome! My daughter and her husband are in Midtown Atlanta where he is going to grad school. They will be there for at least 4 1/2 more years. It has been such a great experience for them both.


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