Monday, March 12, 2012

My Super Power

I have Super Powers, it's true!  It's really true!  I wear the cloak of invisibility.   You don't know how many times, I have been walking through a store to have people stare right through me.  Pushing their carts into me like I wasn't even there.  Jumping out of the way to protect myself.  I've complained for years to KT about my super power, which by the way, I don't really think is all that super.  A few weeks ago, he witnessed my super power in action as someone pushed right into me, as I was dodging baskets between two other people.  "What the heck was that about?" he asked me..."Oh, just my super powers at work..."  Even Saturday, a woman at Hobby Lobby was blocking the whole aisle.  I kindly said, "Excuse me, please" to which she glanced at me but continued to block the aisle until it suited her to move.  Just another day shrouded in my cloak of invisibility...

There is a beautiful song by Julie de Azevedo called
 "A Window to His Love." 
It is lovely, truly, lovely.

Some of the lyrics go like this:

"I want to be a window to His love,
so when you look at me you will see Him.
I want to be so pure and clear that you won't even know I'm here,
'cause His love will shine brightly through me."

Now I am seriously trying to be a better example and follower of Christ, but that line in red bothers me.  Could that be the source of my Super Powers?  My Cloak of Invisibility?

Consider turning off my music player down below to hear this song.

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  1. My daughter says she has a super power. She can spot a car with only one functioning headlight with great speed and even when she isn't really looking.:P Your particular super power would be annoying, but you did put a nice spin on it. :)


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