Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mormons and Me

I have not hidden the fact that I am a Mormon Mommy Blogger.  As a Mormon I am a little frustrated with the negative publicity members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been getting recently in light of Mitt Romney and his quest for the Presidential bid.  It is scary to me how much hatred and misinformation there is out there.  I will read a little something in the paper or on the internet and it will have an iota of truth mixed with falsities that just make us seem weird.   If you have a question, the best people to ask about their church are the Mormons.  I've had people tell me they want to "debate" my religion.  I don't debate...I don't try to dissuade others from their religion, only try to share what I believe to clear up misconceptions.  

I came across this little snippet on the internet with some basic info about Mormons. If you'd like to see a bigger version, click here.  Want to know more about the church if even just to answer some questions you might have?  You can go here to the official website or you can read some of my "We Believe Series."  My own personal testimony of Jesus Christ of and of my Church can be found online here.

Thanks for reading and being open minded enough to accept me for who I am.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I am a Mormon


  1. I'm grateful that you posted this today. I love the gospel and I love the comfort and peace it brings to my life.

  2. I also am glad you posted this. The best way to find out if something is true--and it probably is NOT true if it sounds too wacky--is to ask someone who would actually know.


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