Friday, January 20, 2012

Goodbye Facebook

Today, I Unfriended Facebook as promised. I have been deactivated. That almost sounds robotic, doesn't it? Deactivated? It is all part of my word of the year: Simplify. While fun, Facebook was a time suck. Sitting at the computer....playing with the app on my phone.....I have just regained precious moments of my life: Simplify. There were certain people of my acquaintance on Facebook, albeit familial, who were just not uplifting and positive in my life...They liked to bring me down. Oh the drama:  Simplify. By Simplifying my life, I will make room for more things that truly matter.  Like Jesus Christ, my children, my husband, and health.

 What have you done to Simplify your life today?



  1. Let us know how the purge goes! And if you miss it.

  2. If that's what you needed to do I'm glad you could do it. It's a shame that family caused the drama. :(


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