Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreaming of a Snow Day

Source:  ME

Sitting at home, listening to uplifting beautiful music and I am grateful for the warmth of my abode. Out the window the trees bend and groan and leaves swirl about as if caught in a whirl pool with what promises to be the first real storm of the season. Thoughts of snow days and jolly snowmen fill my mind. Mugs of warm hot chocolate and books snuggled up under warm blankets.

 Fireplace aglow, curled up cat, and a pajama day.



  1. Oh man, me too! It would be so much easier to be stuck home if there were snow!!

    And I totally hear you on the facebook thing! I want to get rid of it but don't want to lose the networking opportunities for adoption...someday I will!!

  2. I wish I could quit Facebook too. BUT, my ward has a Facebook page and we put A LOT of announcements on it. Plus we use it to create events for church activities. Dang Facebook...they suck you in!!!

  3. Ahhh, sounds like a perfect day!

  4. Ahhhh, Absolutely Lovely.

    I wish I could pet her. Xxx

  5. What could be more perfect!? And now you have me dreaming of such a day, too.


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