Monday, January 9, 2012

Drunk Driving

My son was pulled over for drunk driving. It's true. He is 18 and preparing for a mission and had just come from a party put on by the LDS church. I am ashamed to admit that he was caught red handed by the cops drinking cocoa in his car and driving. The audacity! Crimminey what kind of crap is that kid going to get into next?

Funny story...Miguel was driving home from a Mormon party with his girlfriend. They stopped at McDonald's for Hot Chocolate. Miguel's girlfriend spilled her's in the car and on Miguel who then swerved over the line when it happened cuz, well, he was distracted and it was HOT. Here comes the cops again...just waiting for a drunk like him....He was asked if he had been drinkin'. "No officer, just hot chocolate." "Are you sure, son..." "Yes, sir, see my girlfriend spilled it all over." After I think sniffing his breath and assessing the situation, and not being ticketed as it was just that HOT Chocolate, he was free to go.

A magnet I tell you a magnet for trouble, that one...


  1. That was good! I almost had a heart attack for you!

  2. Oh my. Sounds like he may need a 12 step program ;-)

  3. Oh gosh, at first I thought he really HAD been drinking. Phew!

    Love when cops pull you over and you pass their tests with flying colors! :)

  4. I got pulled over once for drunk driving too! Why? Because I was driving at night without my headlights on. Lucky for me I wasn't drunk. Just a little stupid for not turning on my headlights before I left.

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  7. Well, didn't they read the warning on the cupp: HOT BEVERAGE or something like that???? THat's really funny!


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