Monday, July 25, 2011

Mormon Mommy Blog

I have a confession to make.... 

I am a Mormon Mommy Blogger

If you are a usual follower you may have already figured that out, but I just thought I'd make that confession.  I am actually closer to a Mormon Empty Nester Blogger, but hey, I'm still a Mommy.  I'm even part of a community called.......

wait for it....... 

wait for it........

Mormon Mommy Blogs.  Shocker, right?!

I recently read an online article about a Non Mormon Feminist, Emily Matchar, and her take on Mormon Mommy Bloggers. I was actually quite impressed by her insight, understanding and acceptance. But, then I read the comments, and Gag me! I hate mean people. Seriously. So I stopped reading those nasty comments.

A good many of those comments related to Polygamy and how the Mormon Mommy Bloggers are not telling the full story.  That we are secretly part of polygamist families and just not telling you.  The LDS church does not believe in nor practice polygamy.  I have one husband and he has one wife (ME).  Even members of my own family have made comments about us being polygamists, cultist, pagans and members of a colony?  Say what?  I hope that the way I live and act is an example of my true lifestyle.

I have to admit I have a small list of reasons 
WHY I don't make a good Mormon despite my strong convictions in my 
Church and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

1.  I do not can fruits, vegetables or anything like unto it.  
I canned freezer jam once, and I still have a bunch.  
Somehow my family prefers Smuckers.

2.  I barely garden

3.  Sewing?  Yeah right! Give me a freaking staple gun.
That's more like it...

4.  I have an addiction to Diet Cherry Pepsi

5.  I have piercings

6.  I have a love of beautiful tattoos.

7. I use expressive words that may or may not be offensive.

See?  We are not perfect nor profess to be.  

Mormon Mommy Bloggers are pegged as being perfect, eternal optimists with their "nothing goes wrong" attitudes.  And that is simply not true.  Well, some of us like to paint rosier pictures than others, but I would say that we choose to focus on the positives in our lives.  That is what makes us happier in the long run.  Just ask Oprah...I've done my share of complaining on my blog.  Holy Flippin' Fetch?  Seriously!  I have...

Like when my oldest son, TJ,  left home and joined the Air Force.

When my husband took a group of scouts  

I've complained about being 2busy 
(which by the way is slowing down now)

Car trouble here, here, and quite possibly here.

There are so many more.  Just try looking under my label Sarcasm

So the point is, we are normal people, leading normal lives, not everything is perfect all the time, but we try to be happy and cheerful.

If you are interested in what we believe 
and not the often times drivel
put out by people who profess to know, 
you could go here.  

Or you can read some things I have written here.  or here.

My life is an open book or blog.  Truly...


  1. Lisa, I about fell out of my chair when I read your blog this morning. I've been working on a post for my blog that starts out (no fooling)....

    "Confession time. I am not a homeschooling Mormon mommy blogger." It's a post about how I read all these great blogs (many written by Mormon mommies!) and sometimes struggle with the niche my blog fits. It almost posted today, but I didn't feel like it was quite ready yet. It was weird deja vu when I saw your post :0)

  2. I just got our first Costco membership a few weeks ago. Gasp! I know. I felt like a bad Mormon. Nor do I grind wheat or have a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign anywhere.

  3. I've been wanting to join MMB...I should! Love this post! :)

  4. I don't have a membership to Costco or Sam's. I don't sew and I am a total faker in the crafting world. But I am a Mormon Mommy Blogger and I'm happy that you "outed" yourself. =)

  5. Okay, Lisa, I'm finally putting up my "twin" post. It will be up on the mountain tomorrow morning. Hope you don't mind that I tagged you in so people could check out both our viewpoints :o)


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