Friday, July 8, 2011

Anniversary & Boy Scouts

Today is my 22nd Anniversary to KT. Now that is a LONG time! But today, instead of choosing to spend it with me, moi he is spending it with a group of boy scouts doing this

It is just a day...and we do have TWO anniversaries
(That's right!  I married this man of mine TWICE!)

He told me:

"Don't worry, baby, we'll celebrate next week in Oregon, 
with your parents 
and Ladybug
in the RV.  
(and in the same breath) 
Do you mind if I bring my golf clubs?"

And that is how we roll...


  1. 22!!! That's amazing. My ninth anniversary is coming up and I thought that was long. Cant wait to make it to 22.

  2. haha, aw too bad. I guess the 22nd anniversary kind of gets lost between the big 20th and the 25th.

  3. For years, our anniversary was spent performing Handel's Messiah (it just always fell on a performance date). I have a close friend who spent every anniversary for years at a Boy Scout or BYU Alumni dinner (again, happenstance). Just pick another day and treat it like the real thing! The importance is to CELEBRATE your accomplishment!


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