Friday, July 22, 2011

My Jeans

Do you dislike jean shopping just as much as I? It is so hard to find that perfect pair of jeans. I found my perfect pair a few years ago on a clearance rack. They felt amazing on, and if I do say so myself, don't look too shabby either. They fit all my curves just right. They are like a second skin. I love these jeans. I'd show them too you, I could take funny facebook like pictures, but that would be capricious of me, now wouldn't it?

The problem with these jeans are, they are truly wearing out and I can't find the brand anywhere. Seriously, I have looked everywhere and on the web. So I am back to square one...Jean shopping for the perfect jean. I haven't tried True Religion yet. Poor KT...


  1. I had a pair of khaki pants that I felt the same way about. They made me fell great but were comfy too. I accidentally got them caught on a bob wire fence and they tore clear up my leg. I have never found a pair to replace them. :(

  2. I own a TON of clothes. Almost 50 dresses. But I have only 2 pairs of jeans! I hate shopping for pants.

  3. Make sure you get some jeans with sparkly designs on the butt. Only super cool people are wearing them.

    All kidding aside I don't enjoy jean shopping at all. I feel like I try on clothes all day long and I end up purchasing nothing.

  4. I have heard that "the buckle" or something like that in the mall has fabulous jeans with something guranteed to fit you just right. Of course, I've also heard that the prices start around $80 and go up to $200 ....


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