Monday, July 11, 2011

Running & Me

If I haven't told you already...I love running. I don't know why...It can be very difficult sometimes. I'm no marathon running mama, by any means, unless you count my monthly stats.

I have some friends who only enjoy running outside. They like to hear their feet hit the pavement and in the quiet of the morning hear the birds singing them on.


Seriously. I think I'll take a nap! I can't get through a run without an incredible beat thumping in my ears.  So here are five random running tunes from my iphone, and later this week I'll be thumping to these tunes and running along an Oregon Beach.  

Be jealous!  
I know...

Do It Like This - Black Eyed Peas
I Don't Wanna Dance - Hey Monday
Like a G6 - Far East Movement
Right Round - Flo Rida

1 comment:

  1. There are so many people who love running! I will never get on that bandwagon.


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