Monday, December 6, 2010

For Moi?

I received this lovely little blog award the other day from my friend Stacy over at Stacy's Snippets and Random Thoughts. Thank you!

Apparently I am supposed to share with you seven things that you may have always wanted to know about me.  (big eye roll here).  This was actually a fairly hard task.  I've been blogging now for a couple of years and I couldn't really think of anything I hadn't already shared.  So here goes with a couple...Hopefully, I haven't shared them before.

So without much further ado...

1.  I used to sing in a female singers group.  We "toured" around singing in various church houses and nursing homes.  We really made it big!  I'm not gunna lie...

2.  I'm an Aries.  You can click the link and learn everything you never wanted to know about an Aries.  All the bad stuff...I've got...All the good in moderation.

3.  I was a Marine Corps wife and now an Air Force mama.

4.  I performed in a burlesque topless type show once.  Well, really, it was a costume malfunction at a Ballet Recital, but the audience got a good glimpse at my pre pubescent nippies.

5.  I LOVE watching the Biggest Loser.  It's like my all time favorite reality show.  I'm a junkie...I love the where are they now shows.  I find their accomplishments truly inspiring.

6.  I once put my high school boyfriend's truck in a ditch when I was learning to drive.  I don't think his parents ever knew...(but the cat's out of the bag now!)

7.  I once explored an abandoned missile silo.  Totally trespassing...I'm a criminal.


  1. TOTALLY dying over the burlesque show! HA HA HA!!!!

  2. Your list made me smile! I hope you have a wonderful next few weeks before Christmas!!! :)


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