Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I know everyone says they want something selfless for Christmas like world peace or an end to homelessness, but not me...These little items are a "must have" on my Christmas list. What about you?

1.  Nothing spells religious or maybe sacrilegious as the most coveted Pope Key Chain.

2.   For those of us that haven't quite grasped how to hold on to a cell phone and just crave the old time feel of a heavy phone handset...there is the Retro Phone.

3.  Since I am a beauty product-a-holic.  If they make it, I've got to try it...This one should have been put at the top of my list...A rejuvenating Anti Aging mask...

So, KT, if you are in a gift buying rut...Now you know what I absolutely can't live without. 
(I'm only being a little bit snarky...)


  1. LOVE the pope key chain. I may need one also. :)

  2. That mask is creepy! I looks like Silent of the Lambs!

  3. The other day a came across an ad for a set of fluffy stuffed... "poo and pee" plush toys. And it wasn't a joke. People are buying these!!!


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