Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Advent Tradition

Christmas Traditions are an important part of the season. I believe they bring us closer together, and when the miles separate, the distance is eased just a bit through the memories that were created.

One of our favorite traditions is a Christmas Advent book. It is a book that I compiled years ago with a Christmas song, scripture and story for each day leading up until Christmas. I love this and it provided time to sit down as a family and reconnect after a long day. Unfortunately, as my boys have gotten older, it has become increasingly difficult to gather the troops together. And, let's face it, a teenage boy really doesn't give a flying reindeer about these things anymore. Maybe one day as they get older and are away from home, these traditions will regain their importance.

What traditions do you have that help gear you up for Christ's birth?


  1. We really don't have any, but I love your idea! So creative and what a great way to get everyone together. :)

  2. we usually do a 12 days of christmas thing. My sister says that in Denmark, they have a candle that has numbers (1-25) on it and they burn it down to the number that the day is each day.

    My mom also has an advent wreath she made years ago. Every day, one of the kids gets to choose something to put on it. The last two things are Santa (for christmas eve) and a baby Jesus (for christmas day). It is harder as kids get older to continue these traditions though. the wreath is something I remember every year.


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