Thursday, December 16, 2010


I hear so many excuses for being tardy to school. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...Here is a compilation of some that make me laugh. I never know who is telling the truth and who is pulling my leg. I have to look at patterns.

1. Flat tire (used by the same student two weeks in a row)
2. Mom got a ticket rushing to school
3. Someone unplugged my alarm clock AGAIN.
4. Our computer wouldn't work.
5. Our computer printer wouldn't work.
6. My brother threw a tantrum
7. My brother pooped his pants
8. My dog ran away
9. My dad needed his coffee first before he could drive me.
10. My dog was hit by a car
11. We overslept (at least I know this one is honest)
12.  No one woke me up
13.  My shoe broke
14.  I was at a concert last night, and my mom wanted me to get my 8 hours of sleep.
15.  My dog decided to unplug my alarm clock.
16.  My brother stepped on my finger and broke it
17.  My feet were stiff and I couldn't get moving
18.  My mom won't bring me to school because she stopped at a garage sale.
19.  We got lost...
20.  My mom lost her keys
21.  I was still doing my homework.
22.  I was on the phone
23.  My carpool left me
24.  I had to take my dog to the vet
25.  I was having a bowel movement
26.  My sister's gold fish died



  1. We had a kid say he was absent because he had to feed his pet snake.

  2. lol, gosh. i consider all of these plausible excuses. what does that tell you?

    yet i am insanely anal about punctuality; go figure.

  3. You would have loved me as a teenager. Ha! I perfected my moms signature and just wrote "Please excuse Lindsay at 12:30 today for a Dr's appt." Worked like a charm. I even kept different forms of stationary in my locker to mix it up a little so I wouldn't get caught :)

  4. LOL! You could write a book about being a school secretary based on all the excuses you hear. Those are hilarious!

  5. I see a lOT of pet related excuses - thats good for my line of work - if they are true... :)

    very funny list. (and i love the first song you have playing. beautiful!)


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