Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Mythology

I remember when each of my kids learned the truth about Santa Claus. When TJ and Miguel were 6 and 7 they began to question Old St. Nick's existence because of rumors they had heard at school. In my attempt to perpetuate the fraud just a little bit longer, I coerced some friends to come over and put out the Santa gifts while KT and I drove around town with them looking at Christmas lights. My cleverness worked they were so excited when they saw that Santa came on Christmas Eve that year. Mom and dad couldn't possibly be ole' St. Nick himself. The next year my boys were playing outside and for some reason decided to pop the trunk  on the car to play hide and seek. Wallah! They hit the mother load of Santa gifts. They knew everything they were getting that year. On a side note, I was grateful they never completed their hide and seek in the trunk.

Ladybug was too clever for her own good. She was 9 and decided to Google Earth Santa's North Pole. She became frustrated when it kept pulling up in the middle of the ocean. I took her by the hand, sat her down and told her the truth. I just couldn't keep coming up with more lies. She really was too smart! She cried and I cried with her for her loss of innocence and the loss of that special Christmas Magic.

I remember when I found out. My whole world was crushed. I was five years old, too young, I believe. I was at church and my Sunday School teacher was telling us they don't celebrate Santa Claus at their house, but they try to have his giving spirit. What? Santa just a spirit? He doesn't have a big belly and rosy cheeks?

For this reason as my children have learned the truth, I have told them that they are now members of the Secret Santa Society. It is their duty and obligation to keep the sacred secret. You never know who is listening and who still believes. I don't ever want them or myself to be the ones to accidentally take away a sweet child's Christmas innocence.

When did you or your children put two and two together?


  1. Your Sunday School teacher told you?!! That's horrible! My kids still don't know and I'm not looking forward to when they start to question.

    P.S. Since we don't have a fireplace I told my kids that Santa has a magic key to get into our house. =)

  2. I like that - the Secret Santa Society. I will have to remember that one when the time comes. I don't really remember when I realized it - I was around 10 or so when we still heard sleigh bells and noises on the roof. :)

  3. I don't know exactly when my kids figure that older kids that is but they have been so good to play along with us for the three younger kids. I think my oldest boy snuck into the living room one night while I was helping his dad set the presents out under the tree. And of course, they were too noisy enough to search the house and memorize what Christmas wrappings we have..but I like I said, they have been pretty good at keeping the Santa secret. I think I will borrow your Secret Santa Society if ever one of the three younger ones ask about the true existence of Santa.

  4. I can't believe your teacher told you!

    And yes, you cannot break the news to other people's kids, that is SO WRONG!

  5. Around 7 years-old. And when they do figure it out, we do the whole "secret" thing like you do. Because it is a fun tradition.

    I just sort of figured it out at about the age of 7, too. Maybe from kids at school. I don't know. I don't ever remember my parents telling me. But once I knew, my Mom let me help wrap some of the gifts for my little brothers and that was fun. :)

    I can't believe your church teacher told you? Some people are so self-righteous. We have some lovely family members (really, they are great people but ...) they believe that Santa is a lie and they refused to "lie" to their kids so their children never ever EVER got to believe in Santa. They NEVER had Santa at their house. EVER. I think that is a bit extreme.

  6. Wait...Santa's not real? How did I find out? On your blog!!! I still get presents from Santa every Christmas.... ;)

    Actually my youngest just asked me THE question a few weeks ago...I wrote her a poem (it is on my blog).

    As for me, I think he's real...


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