Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letters from the Coast

Dear KT,

Our first day in Oregon was quite pleasant. The whether held out and we did a bit of site seeing. After 12 hours in the car on Thursday, we decided the get in the car AGAIN and head up the coast to Tillamook. You know how I like cheese!

I got to sample bits of cheese and take a tour. The ice cream was delicious. In a state full of Marionberries, I got the Huckleberry to remind me of my beloved Idaho.

Later, we head back down to the outlet mall in Lincoln City for a bit of shopping.  Don't worry, I didn't spend too much money...


  1. Ooo, two of my favorite things. Cheese and the Coach outlet. Nice work :)

  2. I love Tillamook cheese and I love Oregon. I am so jealous that you are there right now. If you get a chance you need to eat a Tillamook Cheeseburger from Burgerville. TO DIE FOR!!

  3. I lived in Oregon for 6 years and I miss it so. Looking at your pictures brought back many happy memories. Thanks for sharing.


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