Monday, October 25, 2010

Laziness and Fall

I know how I have mentioned before my love of running and yoga. It's what sustains me and makes me feel alive. Come fall, though, my body wants to hibernate and nest inside my comfy, cozy home while the sun sets earlier and earlier. I have become complacent with my exercise and thus a pesky 7 pounds have added back on to my mere 5'3" frame. 7 pounds people! I guess I need to start wearing this little guy again.  I love him!

It is ironic...I become stressed in the early fall when school starts, and I let things go. The VERY things that help keep me sane and clear and stress free. KT drug me back to the gym last week. Almost kicking and screaming, I might add. I didn't want to go...But, I am glad I did.

Once I get back into the habit, I crave it. My body and brain need it, and my blogging gets better and more frequent, too. 

Ta ta my peeps...I'm off to the gym °Ü°


  1. Good for you! I hope the gym can help alleviate your stress and make things a bit easier.

  2. Exercize is undoubtedly really important when it is gray. You've got to get those endorphins working somehow! :) I need to exercize.

  3. ah. send some of that motivation my way. even though i know that i feel 1000 times better when i exercise i just let myself go blah. way to go!

  4. I get the same way come winter. Once it gets cold and I slushy outside my motivation to run is ZERO! (I say this as I'm eating chocolate ice cream...ha ha!)


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