Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letters from the Coast #5

Dear KT,

The weather was most beautiful today in beach country. I believe we hit 72 degrees. It really was quite lovely. We went to the neatest little shop that did glass blowing demonstrations. What a unique craft, and the pieces were beautiful.

Later, we went whale watching in Depoe Bay. The whales were far out past the breakers, but we could see their occasional spouts when they breached the surface. The only wildlife we got a close up on were seagulls.

When we were sitting on the beach a rogue wave came up and tried to wash away our stuff. Good news! I saved my icy coke, but didn't grab my new camera case. While the wave was kind enough to deposit it back on the sand, the case was still filled with sand. Good thing I was holding the camera when that happened. My Cobian's were safe, too....

As the sun sets on our Oregon Beach vacation, the sun will also rise on coming home to you.  Goopy, yes, I know...

Missing you and wish you were here...


1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful!

    Good thing you saved the important stuff. ;)


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