Monday, October 4, 2010

2busy Chronicles Take 5

In all the busy-ness of the past month, I also ran my first 5K.  I didn't run in the competitive wave.  In all the stress of the past few months, I hadn't been keeping up on my running.  I was in no shape to be competitive.

I ran in the Women's Fitness Celebration in Boise, (The largest Women's Fitness run in the Country, so I'm told)

with my good friend Jeni

In the "Purple" Wave

I did it in just about 40 minutes.  When I've been training I can run in 35.  I was just happy to finish.

 Photo Source 

I was in disguise you know...Trying to go incognito with my pink BSU visor pulled low and my big sunglasses.  I'm so famous on my blog, that I was afraid of being recognized.  My thighs were eating my shorts.  I just want to give them a tug.  Ugh!

My kids called me a nerd for wearing a running pack, but I had car keys and a license.  What was I supposed to do?  Stuff things in my bra? 
(My husband was busy on the golf course.) 


  1. Wow, Lisa! I'm impressed...I wonder if they have walking marathons? That would be more up my alley!

  2. I think a 5k is a good length. Hooray for you for doing that. I haven't ever run one. Thought about it. Probably I have to get over my dislike for running first. :) It was lovely weather!!


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