Tuesday, October 19, 2010


BAD advice from someone who shall not be named...

1.  You should probably get a separate checking account now so you are covered WHEN you divorce. (Yeah, let's go ahead and plan in advance for failure)

2.  When your husband stops satisfying you, you can sit on the washing machine during the spin cycle. (What the crap?  Really people?)

Now here is some GOOD advice I've received.

3. Even if you are sick, always get up and shower.  You will clean the germs off and always feel better when  you are clean.  I have crawled to the shower with influenza and used all my strength just to shower, but it really does work.

4.  Even if you are a stay at home mom, it is important to always put your make up on and do your hair.  Your husband will always work with women who are made up and beautiful and you don't want him to be disappointed when he comes home to a frumpy wife.  Always put yourself together.  I have heeded this advice unless I was pretty sick, but even then I got my shower as noted above in #3.

What advice, good or bad, have you been given?


  1. Sadly, I don't always do the shower one.

  2. Can you believe that I got similar advice FROM THE BANK TELLER when setting up our joint account after we got married? I couldn't believe it!!!!

    Some good advice I have gotten is "make sure you marry a man taller than you" (from my grandma - not sure if it actually was good advice, but it was appreciated advice.)
    - "use swimming goggles if the onions are too potent (while making pickles)"

    - "Let a sleeping dog rest." I was reminded of this again tonight. :)

  3. I love #4. Lately I've been feeling like a clown at church because it's the only day I actually where make-up...I need to try harder even when I'm not really "doing anything"!

  4. #3 is so true. The day I ended up in the hospital with meningitis I drug myself into the shower before going to the doctor. My sister still won't let me live that one down!

  5. I can't think of any! But I agree that the first two are BAD advise. Separate bank accounts are good so that you don't both spend the SAME money. And ... seriously ... there are way better ways than the washing machine if someone wanted to take that route. I'd just opt for the keep wearing make up. That might help a woman to not start looking to her washing machine for comfort! ;)

  6. I have never seen my mom miss a day of putting on her make-up. It totally makes a difference to me. You just feel so much better when you look pretty :)

    The worst advice ever was the night before I got married, some lady came up to me at my bachelorette party and said, "If you don't do it for your husband, someone else will." But, with a lot more explicit wording. I was traumatized.


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