Friday, June 18, 2010

Work a 4 letter word...

Work really is a four letter word...quite literally. Would you believe I love to work? Strange, I know. I love it when my husband and I are working outside side by side in the yard. Creating something beautiful, is a bonding moment bringing us closer together. Working side by side with my husband and children to tidy the house brings me great joy. Not only is my house getting clean in a fraction of the time it would take me, but we are feeling pride in our home and our hard work. Well, some of us maybe. I love the sense of accomplishment, of working together, and then, later, lying back and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

I can't lounge in the backyard or play a yard game if there are weeds to be picked.  I can't recline on the couch to watch a movie or read a book if the carpet needs vacuuming.  It's a sickness, I know.  I have a compulsion for tidiness.  Then those moments of relaxation are oh so much sweeter.   You see, I can't really enjoy relaxation until the work is done.  Can anyone truly understand happiness without the sadness, the good without the bad, their health without some sickness, relaxation without the work?  Life is all a paradox, is it not?

P.S.  I think I should give some props to KT.  
He sure married a freak...
Wait a second, is that a sock on the floor? 


  1. My coworker/dear friend, loves to mow her lawn. She does it weekly. I think it's funny.

  2. haha, I loved that last part about the sock, and I LOOOOVED this post. It's as if you were reading my mind and writing my thoughts :) I'm exactly the same way, except I need to do better at getting my daughter to help me out more around the house. It's important for our children to learn the value of meaningful work. I've been getting better at letting her help me make dinner and do laundry, but I need to be more consistent.
    Anyway, LOVE this!

  3. And I am just the opposite. I can't work if there is play to be done:)

  4. I know exactly what you mean, however my house and yard still are a mess! How is that?

    And by the way... don't even joke about pregnancy! :-)

  5. I'm like that with certain areas of my house, but not all of them. My closet would probably drive you crazy. :) But I do love love love to work with my husband. It is one of my favorite things in life.


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